Ayacucho tapestry TAMA012 - 59x43 inch (150x110cm)

Ayacucho tapestry TAMA012 - 59x43 inch (150x110cm)

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Get your traditional Peruvian tapestry from Ayacucho to decorate your global styled home. It is a perfect combination of colors and patterns to add a unique touch to your decoration.

Dimensions: 59x43 inches (150x110cm)

Ayacucho is located in the central highlands in Peru. It is considered the “City of Churches, Art and Huayno”, as there are 33 colonial temples and it stands out for its crafts, altarpieces, ceramics, carved in Huamanga stone and hand-made fabrics. The rescue of the traditional fabric, the arwi point used in ancient fabrics, and the traditional dyeing techniques of that time, allowed the creation of intricately designed fabrics on both sides of the upholstery.

Material: 100% sheep wool, natural dyes

DELIVERY TIME: Up to 5-7 business days via DHL

COLOR DISCLAIMER: Colors may appear differently depending on the screen you are viewing from.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dry clean. Please avoid direct sunlight to prevent color fading or bleaching.